About Us

We are a new age educational institution. Samartha School has a focus on self-directed and personalised model of learning. We instil our students with a sense of social commitment, providing a modern fun-loving holistic education from Classes LKG to 8 for the time being with a view of increasing the education we impart to include classes 8 – 12.

Committed to fulfil the highest educational standards, the School’s well-rounded curriculum nurtures academic success and encourages global awareness while preparing students to face challenges of life with fortitude and thrive in a competitive global society.

At Samartha, we recognise that each child is unique in his or her own way blessed with the potential to exceed their parents’ ambition. Our objective is to unearth the latent talent in each student and build them into inquisitive, dynamic, creative individuals. By providing them a congenial setting and ample facilities, we ensure that each student gets to develop their skills and grow up to be confident and smart individuals. The students are exposed to a broad range of subjects that equip them with the requisite skills and knowledge.

To ensure that each student gets the best of personalised attention, the school has class sizes that are small with a high ratio of staff to students. This way, they are encouraged to polish their skills while learning new things and gain a sense of responsibility.


School’s Concept

Samartha is based on a robust framework that supports every student in their development, well being and aspirations while providing a learning environment that is child-centred and full of learning opportunities that engages them at all levels. Our concept focuses on the growth and evolution of the child as an inquirer with an inquisitive mind. The aim is to help the student develop independence and take responsibility for their actions in the right spirit while striving for high standards in a caring, respectful and safe community.

In addition, the school’s concept also lays stress on learning to appreciate and understand others in a multicultural environment of students and teachers.


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