The school’s low student-to-teacher ratio and innovative teacher collaboration facilitates individualised focus on your child and help your child to discover his or her full potential.

Teachers at the school are focused on empowering your child to perform to the best of his/her ability while ensuring that they adhere to the highest academic standard. The whole idea is to tap your child’s potential and develop critical thought, personal balance and an adventurous outlook.

The teaching concept and the all-round congenial environs encourage your child to become positive in approach and develop a clear vision, creativity and analytical thought, thereby developing the confidence to grow into model citizens.


Students must be age three by December 31 of the calendar year to be admitted into Kindergarten, five by June 1 for class 1. Applicants must follow the rule to have attained the age of 5 years plus the class to which admission is sought (i.e. 5 years for Class 1 and 12 for class 7)

Admission for each student is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

For admission, the parents are requested to come with their child to the school, fill the application form, undertake a friendly and stress-free fitment assessment of the child by the class teacher and finally undergo a formal meeting with the Head of the Institution. The whole process can take the course of a day.

The Application Form needs to be submitted along with supporting documents listed here :

-A valid and official transfer certificate from the previous institution.
-A copy of previous and current year’s mark transcripts for applicants besides kindergarten children.
-Certified English copy of the applicants Birth Certificates.
-Two latest passport-sized photographs of the student and a passport-sized photograph of the father and mother.

Please note that the Head of School reserves the discretion to make final decisions regarding questions of maturity for class placement.

Interested parents are required to contact the school office between 10:00AM and 4:30PM on any day.

Process of Admission:

For LKG TO Grade 3  it is just oral exam.

Written exam for class IV to VIII Grade.

1)  Can visit campus between 10:00 Am to 4:30pm. On all working days.
2) On holidays and Sunday 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Have to pay Rs 250/- as registration fee.
They can take either spot exam are can inform us a date that they want to take exam.
The last date that they can take exam would be by 15th march 2017. It can be changed as per requirement of management. In case we close earlier we shall send a message to the students who have registered with us and not confirmed there admission

    NOTE: We welcome students of all genders, races, religions or national origins.

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