School campus is spread over an area of 2 acres .The school has an Administrative wing, a Kindergarten wing, a Primary and Secondary wing. SAMARTHA is a Wi-Fi campus.  SAMARTHA School campus, Classrooms, Play and Sports areas, Labs, Library, and Cafeteria are designed to be student friendly, age appropriate, safe and attractive. Heights of tables, chairs, counters, washroom equipment have been carefully thought through and ramps have been put in. SAMARTHA is one of the top School in MahabubNagar-Jadcherla area.

Classrooms are designed with safety in mind. As SAMARTHA is a green school, natural lighting and ventilation has been taken into account. Each classroom is provided with an LCD projector, a white board, space for displays. For the primary section, particularly, the furniture and equipment has been chosen with utmost care and every room is provided with classroom resources necessary for each age level.


EXTRA curricular reading is an important and healthy habit. SAMARTHA always strive best to inculcate this habit among the students and strongly believe that the creativity of the brain and the faculty of imagination are kept alive and alert by this all-important habit.

SAMARTHA has separate well stocked libraries for Primary, Middle and High school. The libraries are supported by qualified librarians, and are well lit and ventilated, user friendly with browsing areas, reference sections, periodical sections and general sections. All students are oriented how to use the Library.

Besides the print library, the school has numerous digital resources. The school library is a place where students and staff are always welcome to use the available resources.

Science Laboratories

STUDY of science is incomplete without a proper appreciation of the scientific principles involved. Children from upper primary level are allowed to conduct experiments in the subjects of Biological Science, Physical Sciences, and Mathematics. This fosters an inquisitive spirit and a scientific temper among the young children.

SAMARTHA has four spacious, well equipped, ventilated Science Labs with demonstrable working models and materials required for conducting individual as well as group experiments / projects.

Through the practical sessions in the lab, children learn to reason, connect ideas and think logically. By associating theories learned in the classrooms with practical applications tested in the labs, they have a scientific understanding of the phenomena around them.

Sports and Games Facility

SPORTS not only provide perfect relaxation and a break from the routine of academic work but also an opportunity in shaping up the personality and fitness of a child. Over different sport activities are available, all introduced with the aim of ensuring that every child has the best chance of finding an activity to pursue the sport of his/her choice.


Outdoor facilities


  •    Basketball
  •    Tennis
  •    Football
  •    Cricket
  •    Athletic track
  •   Skating


Indoor facilities


  •    Table Tennis
  •     Chess
  •     Carrom
  •     Play Stations


SAMARTHA school cafeteria provides freshly cooked, nutritious and balanced vegetarian meals served on time in unlimited quantities. The school kitchen has separate area, to prepare vegetarian food. Highest level of cleanliness and hygiene is maintained in the kitchen and cafeteria. All students are given Lunch and afternoon snacks.  A mineral water plant provides purified water to students. At SAMARTHA, Parents are always encouraged to dine with their children on their visits, to have a firsthand knowledge of the quality of the food served.

The Chairman, Staff and Administration officials’ share the same meal with students to ensure the quality of food is maintained at all times.

Students are groomed in dining etiquette, eating all varieties of meal and sharing in groups, avoiding food wastage and so on when they join for their meals in a dining hall. The menu will include different varieties each day.



SAMARTHA operates safe and comfortable transportation service to commute between school and home from all corners of Mahabubnagar and Jadcherla. Each bus is equipped with first aid material and an attendant to ensure children enjoy a smooth journey while travelling through the city.


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